The Google Ecom Strategies I Used To Generate Over
15.5 Million In Sales This Year?
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  • No More Creating Time Consuming Video Ads Or Coming Up With Fancy Ad Copy!
  • Forget about interest based targeting & complex audience building
  • ​Over the High CPM's & Constant Algorithm Changes?
  • Frustrated Because Your Current Ads Aren't Performing As Well as You Know They Should Be...?
  • Scared You Don't Have the Technical Skills to Make High Converting Google Campaigns?
The Google Ads Playbook
  •  50+  Videos of Step-By-Step Video Training to help fast track your Ecommerce success & scale your store 
  • Learn How to Profitably Run Google Ads For Ecommerce: Master the entire Google Network Including Shopping,  Search, Google Display Network, Youtube & Much More )
  • Lifetime Access to Ongoing Updates: These will be regular and will ensure you stay on top of all trends!
  • BONUS: Free Lifetime Access to my Private Facebook Support Group. I am 100% committed to being the most active person there!
  • BONUS:  New content in Group crafted to member's needs. I craft videos that members need & want
  • BONUS: Youtube Ads For Beginners Masterclass
  • BONUS: My personal Facebook Scaling Strategy responsible for millions in sales.
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Complete Beginners
You've probably tried running Facebook ads and gotten the odd sale here and there. But you struggled to be profitable or keep up with the algorithm changes. Learn how to build a profitable business harnessing the power of Google Ads! 
Established Ecom Stores
Facebook ad sales stalling? Sick of relying entirely one traffic source? Google ads are a great way to grow your store using a completely different traffic source
PPC Agencies Branching Into Ecom
Running Google Ads for Ecommerce is a completely different ballgame to lead generation. Let me show you how to dominate for your clients  using Google Shopping, Search, GDN & Youtube!
what can you expect to learn?
Watch the In-Depth Course Overview Video 
How to Properly Set Up Your Store For Getting Sales With Google
Product Research Strategies That Actually Work For Google
Proper Google Analytics Setups So You Can Accurately Report on What's Working
The Ultimate Google Ads Strategy  (HINT: It's Not a One Size Fits All)
Discover the Strategies & Secrets to Running Profitable Google Shopping Campaigns
How to Properly Run Google Search Ads For Ecommerce Stores
Harness the Power of the Google Display Network
Advanced Retargeting Strategies, So You Can Follow Your Visitors All Over the Internet
Killer Scaling Methods to Profitably & Sensibly Grow Your Business
Back End Profit Maximising Techniques So You Can Squeeze Out Every Potential Dollar Out of Your Traffic
Troubleshoot Poor Performing Campaigns, So You Can Stop Wasting Money
Bonus: Youtube Ads Masterclass
  • Module 1 - Introduction to Google Ads Strategies & Mindset: The Intricacies of the Google Network Explained & the Mindset Needed for Beating the Amazons of the World.
  •  Module 2 -  How to Properly Set Up Your Store For Google: Learn the exact way I lay out stores so they are optimised for converting with when using Google Ads.
  • Module 3 - Product Research Strategies for Google Ads: I'll run through loads of different practical and strategic product research strategies that will help with finding products to sell on both Google & Facebook.
  • Module 4 - Google Analytics & Account Set Up:Proper Google Analytics Set Up  & a Complete Set Up Guide for All Google Accounts. You'll also learn all my secret remarketing audiences I use to generate tons of high ROI sales.
  •  Module 5 - The Ultimate Google Ads Strategy: Build a personalised Google Ads strategy for your store. No one size fits all strategies here.
  • Module 6 - Google Shopping Masterclass: Master Google Shopping with never before seen tactics that allow you to get the low hanging fruit first, so you can start making money faster.
  • Module 7 -  Advanced Level Google Search: Learn how to properly run Google Search Ads for Ecommerce.
  • Module 8 Google Display Network: Navigate the Powerful Google Display Network which covers over 92% of the websites online.
  • Module 9 - Retargeting Tactics: Learn my Advanced Retargeting Strategies which cover both Google & Facebook.
  • Module 10 - Killer Scaling Methods to grow your business: Learn how to scale using the WHOLE Google Ads Network. I'll also throw in my proprietary Facebook Ads scaling strategy as a BONUS.
  •  Module 11 -  Back End Profit Maximising Techniques: Learn my personal Average Order Value maximising techniques & best practise conversion optimisation.
  • Module 12 - BONUS Beginners Guide to Youtube Ads for Ecommerce: Learn  the essentials for what works with Youtube Ads for Ecommerce. Watch me build a campaign step-by-step.
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"Nik has been such a great help throughout the whole process of ecommerce & dropshipping.  He knows his stuff and I wanted to say if you're thinking about getting his help, Do it! I wouldn't be where I am without him today."
"Prior to dropshipping I tried everything, Amazon FBA, Facebook ads etc. I met Nik & he's all about Google Shopping.  He helped me get started and made sure all my accounts & campaigns we're set up properly. Every month my sales have doubled"
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Meet Nik
Founder, CEO
  • Founder of Google Ads for Ecommerce & Business Success
  • Owned, Manged & Run Multiple 6, 7 and Even 8 Figure Stores!
  • Digital Marketing Agency Owner Managing 6 figure+ per month Google Ad Spend Accounts
  • Managed Product Sourcing, Development & Promotions for Some of Australia's Biggest Brands
Client Store & Ad Account Transformations
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Total Value: $1997
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